D e r e k   B r o w n


P r o d u c t i o n   D e s i g n









Four Rooms. Series II Boundless for Channel 4





The Apprentice. Series 8. BBC1/BBCHD





The Young Apprentice. Series 2. BBC1/BBCHD






Fake or Fortune. BBC1





Four Rooms. TalkbackThames Channel 4





The Apprentice series 4-7 TalkbackThames BBC1





You CanÕt Take it With You. TalkbackThames BBC1





YouÕre Fired! TalkbackThames BBC2





Antiques Master. BBC1





The Apprentice series 6   BBC1




Software: Microsoft Office


Junior Apprentice. Series 1   BBC1




Software: Microsoft Office


Raymonds Kitchen Secrets 1&2  BBC1





The Restaurant series 3   BBC2





Wildest Dreams   BBC1




Software: Microsoft Office


GokÕs Fashion Fix. Endemol/Channel 4





The Apprentice series 5   BBC1





The Restaurant series 2   BBC2





The Apprentice series 4   BBC1





The Apprentice series 3   BBC1




Software: Microsoft Office


Leonardo. Machine clip BBC1







Software: Microsoft Office


Solid Floor 100% design 2008




Amshold HQ


Unrealised designs

Project 1

Project 2